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Home Unique offer a clean and contemporary take on internal + external home finishes. From textured tiling you want to touch, to deceptively clever doorways and furniture, we're sure to have something to delight.

New! Coming soon..... Radiance  by   H o m e   U n i q u e !

Detailed design making life that bit better.

Home Unique was born of the idea that Wickes, B&Q and all those other big box shops are killing what makes our homes a reflection of us.  If we all go to the same places and buy the same wallpaper, the same paint and the same panelled doors, then our home isn't unique anymore.

We've worked with multiple suppliers from all over the UK and Europe to assemble a curated collection of some of the most innovative, creative and, yup you guessed it, unique, internal and external finishes, surfaces and solutions.  We're open to both the trade and regular ol' Joe Bloggs.


01902 897 534


Unit 40, Wombourne Enterprise Park
Bridgnorth Road

Opening Hours

Monday - Tuesday: 9:30am - 5pm
Thursday - Friday: 9:30am - 5pm
Saturday: 9:30am - 3:30pm



Great designs, with the simplest of execution.  From the smallest of items, like out glitter grout, right up to our impressive doorsets, you'll find something to smile about!


We're proud of the level of technical detail our manufacturing partners strive to achieve.  The relationship we share is another unique thing about us, with a constant flow of new ideas.


Being smart and being clever aren't always the same thing.  Some of our new, innovative solutions will leave you asking, 'Why hasn't anybody done this before?"  Because they weren't us!


Just like you, we've proud of being unique, that's why it's in our name and in everything we do.  We don't want to be just another shop or interior firm, we want to be individual, unique.

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