Well, that's a little bit clever!

Reinventing the basics

Home Unique was founded on the idea that decorating and building shouldn't be difficult or one for 'the experts'.  Great ideas and simplicity should be for everybody, and as for 'hanging a door' being some scientific endeavour, nah, why don't you just buy the door in it's frame pre-finished?

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    Pick from our stunning range

    Our supplier is actually the manufacturer of these amazing door solutions.  This means that our stock is so extensive you're sure to find something you'll love.

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    Remove the old door

    Removing the old door is a doddle, grab your screwdriver, pop out the hinge screws and remove the existing door frame and architrave, no problem!

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    Grab your level and screw driver

    Our doors are completely finished, they come with their very own case, frame & architrave too - everything you need, bar the screwdriver.

Hot! With great doors comes great responsibility - drop by our showroom to see some of our fab new handles + hinges!

Far from basic

We believe in innovative, simple designs, whether they be tiles, lighting or doors.  Our deceptive door range includes interior, exterior and even special use products - like concealed sliding doors, great for bathrooms, or small spaces where a traditional door would take up too much space.

Our concealed sliding doors don't require a wall pocket, and can be finished in a whole host of different colours and textures.

Getting Excited?

There's so much we would love to say about our exciting range of amazing door sets, but you know, words don't fully capture just how innovative, simple and down-right charming they truly are.  So, why not pop along to our showroom in Wombourne (just outside Wolverhampton) to see them for yourself?  Give the handles a fiddle and the hinges a going over for yourself!


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Give us a call or drop by anytime, we try to answer all enquiries within twenty-four hours on business days.