Shedding a light on...

...well, lighting of course!

Lighting a space can be quite the dilemma, with all sorts of design blogs and magazine extolling the virtues of floor-standing, wall mounted and all sorts of other traditional lighting styles.  We tend to think different at Home Unique, and have looked far and wide for alternatives to the norm - and with LED lighting so readily available, we think you'll love some of the exciting options we now have.


Designed to Blend

One of the most innovative and clever lighting systems we've come across is our new in-flooring LED strips.  These powerful little lights can be chosen in a huge variety of colours, perfect for complimenting that new colour scheme!  Suitable for both laminate and carpeted areas, they're sure to draw the eye.

The images used here are of our example installation in our showroom.  Feel fee to pop on by and check them out in person.