Wonderful world of stairs

Dressed to impress

Stairways are difficult things to change, they're either off the peg or bespoke, and while both have their merits, we're always on the look out for that extra special finish.  That option that nobody else has thought of... In this case, it's cladding!  Whether you choose thick, chunky real oak, or one of our gorgeous laminates, you'll be utterly amazed at the transformation.  Pop by anytime to check out our example stairway in our Wombourne (just outside of Wolverhampton) showroom.

Experience quality

Hand crafted oak stair cladding is a simple, beautiful way to take that tired old staircase and bring it right bang up-to-date.  Or go the laminate route - oh, and this isn't your Ikea laminate that screams 'fake!'... we challenge you to tell the difference!


Why not take a look at our extensive lighting ranges?  From embedded LED floor lighting all the way through to tread lighting for that gorgeous new staircase, we're sure to have something awesome for you.


Devil in the details

We only select the very best manufacturers to work with, and that's true for all of our products and offerings, but nowhere is this more evident than in our stair offerings.

Precision Engineered

Using only the finest timbers, or the highest quality laminates, your worn carpeted stairway can be completely transformed.

Options Aplenty

If oak isn't your cup of tea, no trouble!  Pop along to our showroom and let us walk you through other options.

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